Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What we're doing now - the advanced class

Last night the advanced class read and translated another selection from "Sgyrsiau Dros Baned" by Elwyn Hughes, a collection of humorous short essays in Welsh designed to provide topics for conversation. Unfortunately the book is out of print, or we'd do more with it. The language is intentionally slanted towards North Wales idioms and constructions, and some people found it harder going than usual on that account, but I think they agree that the more different forms of Welsh we're exposed to, the better. The piece we read was "Problemau Iaith" - Language Problems - and in the associated conversation it was fascinating to hear how many different languages people had studied. The general consensus seemed to be that Welsh is harder than French, but perhaps easier than German!

I gave a couple of the class over-achievers an additional assignment: to write a few sentences (in Welsh) about why they're studying the language. If they follow through, that should be on next week's blog. And in the meantime, we should have a piece from Elis soon about what the intermediate class is up to.


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