Monday, November 3, 2008

What we're doing now - the advanced class

Last week along with conversation, reading, and translation, we did a little grammatical correction. A couple of weeks ago I asked two of the students to write a few sentences about why they were studying Welsh - in Welsh, naturally. Last week we went over Greg Griffith's piece as a group. Here is the result:

Roeddwn i eisiau dysgu Cymraeg achos o fy nheulu i. Rydyn ni’n dod o Gymru. Iaith fy hynefiaid i yw hi. Mae’n rhaid i ni byth colli Cymraeg. Mae hi’n rhan ein diwylliant ni.

And in English...

I wanted to learn Welsh because of my family. We come from Wales. It is the language of my ancestors. We must never lose Welsh. It is part of our culture.